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Live theatre will also enable them to answer exam questions on acting, to other production elements; such as lighting and costume. We will continue to see Live Theatre and explore a variety of plays, which will enable the students to not only find a play that is suitable for the group to perform but also help the students find a suitable monologue too. Students explore a text practically and theoretically.

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They are taught to explore the interrelationship between performance text and influential theatre practitioners. Students work as a group on a selected play, as performers or designers, and perform their piece.

They are also required to prepare either a monologue or a duologue, from a different text. Their practical performances are performed in front of an invited audience, in a professional working theatre. Throughout this unit students make notes on their development of ideas etc.

Students also attend many live theatre performances, that they interpret, analyse and evaluate.


Complete Curriculum Edexcel (new 2016 Spec) A Level Drama and Theatre Bundle

Being in the heart of London means that students can easily access a wealth of theatre from Fringe to the West End. The course tutor helps the students develop a variety of dramatic and theatrical skills, enabling them to grow creatively, critically and imaginatively.

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They will also link their performance to Brecht and look at the context of the play. Drama not only helps students to obtain acting skills, but also listening and communication skills, which are vital for academic life and many subsequent careers. As our pupils grow in confidence, they learn to analyse performances critically and give and receive constructive feedback. For example, pupils are invited to study and critically assess the work of established theatre practitioners such as Stanislavski and Brecht, in order that they gain knowledge and understanding of how drama communicates to an audience.

Assessment is recorded and students write about the process of devising and also evaluate their performance.

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Mock performance exam in preparation for year 11 final performance of this unit. Mock written exam in preparation for year 11 final external written exam. Students submit a written portfolio which collates their evidence including devising process and evaluating group performance. Group recorded performance to live audience which is sent away to the exam board.

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They study either performance or design skills in depth, according to their own interests. Our AS Level qualification in Drama and Theatre enables students to explore a range of drama as a practical art form. They work to create their own drama performances, either as a performer or a designer, making informed artistic choices.

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  6. Create a bespoke scheme of work using the extensive range of resources we have provided for each specification.