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Everything you have ever done in your life has lead up to these final few months as you transition from a teenager into an adult. Something that has been on my mind a lot recently is the finality of it all. A goal that I have set for myself as I prepare to tackle the final semester of my high school career has been to make the most of my senior year. I find that writing things down is the best way for me to remember my goals and actively think about them as I go throughout my day.

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That way when things get super busy, I can look at the list I have made. It helps me remember what the light is at the end of the tunnel which I am trying so hard to work towards. However, this list has been vital to keeping up my motivation and remembering my goals for getting the most out of my senior year. Hopefully, it can help you with yours as well. It is important to stay true to myself keeping my goals aligned with my vision of becoming an elementary school teacher by developing a clear education plan.

As well acknowledge my need to stay motivated in order to complete and succeed in my academics.

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By having a support system using the resources provided by my educational institute. Successful education is having intricately arranged. When I started practicum in February, the applications for high school were submitted. My site supervisor did not have a classroom lesson to present while I was completing my hours. I want to learn how to conduct a classroom lesson and connect that lesson to counseling.

Because my counselor was busy showing me other counseling duties, the topic of ACS was not mentioned. Hopefully in. Personal Responsibility Essay Imagine going through your entire life without taking personal responsibility for absolutely anything. How would this method of operation affect your life? Day to day life would be chaotic, career advancement would be impossible, and concepts like intrapersonal relationships would quickly become overwhelming and unfeasible.

The ability and drive to take personal responsibility in life is a central focal point in the areas of creating a successful life, defining goals. This will help me become a better engineering student and In this report I will discuss my goals and plans to become a better engineering student.

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My goal is to earn a bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and then find a career as a mechanical engineer. The dream I want to make happen is to open my own law firm practice after I work for one. I give a special thank you to my AVID teacher for always believing me and giving me these opportunities to be on the right path. Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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