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The pattern of killing during this genocide showed a clearly planned massacre by both sides. The army generals were critical of the president for making many concessions. Although the movie does not categorically state which of the two sides was responsible, all signs point out to the possibility that those responsible were Hutu hardliners who were displeased with the president for giving in to the pressures of the international society.

The producers have given both sides of the story a proper presentation. This was purely an ethnic war, pitting the Hutus against the Tutsis.

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The war was an internal affair of Rwanda as a state. However, the response of the world powers was very poor.

The United Nations was established to ensure that there is peace in the world and it has the mandate to intervene in case there is a case of mass murder in a country, irrespective of weather the country is sovereign or not Rikhof However, the soldiers sent by the United Nations were keen to rescue the whites only. As it can be seen from the movie, the target was not the whites.

There is no specific point when any side of the warring parties attacked the whites. Although it was justified to remove them from the country that was in flames, the main issue was to rescue the Tutsis who were dying in large numbers. To send troops to rescue whites was therefore a sign of lack of concern by the global society.

In a high profile meeting organized by the US officials, one of the delegates wanted to know what the US would gain if it could send its troops to this country. It is a fact that the US, just like any other sovereign country in the world, has the capacity to determine which war to join and which one to avoid, depending on the relevance of the war. However, by virtue of being the sole superpower, this country had a direct responsibility to ensure that humanity is protected. Letting things get out of control was a decision that would earn some degree of criticism.

The film is a reflection of what took place in Rwanda. It has employed fiction to bring out the realities of the Rwandan genocide. The filmmakers were keen to bring out a very appealing movie with characters and flow of the story. This has made the movie to be very interesting.

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I therefore enjoyed watching it and would recommend it to others because it is educative. Because of this, I would keep it on the supplemental films list. It narrates what took place during the genocide in Rwanda. It captures the mass killings of the Tutsis by the majority Hutus. It also brings to light the role of the media in the massacre. Although one of the US officials said that radio stations do not kill, it is evident from the movie that radio stations were more dangerous than the swords and the bullets.

They spread hate speech, which literally encouraged the Hutus to kill the Tutsis irrespective of age or gender. To ensure that the listeners could be motivated for this task, the radio stations reminded the Hutus that it was the Tutsis who were used by the Belgian government to suppress the Hutus. The movie is articulately presented. It elicits emotions as it focuses on the murders that took place during this time. It is done in a way that makes it real. The insiders are these rich aristocrats who play by a complicated set of rules symbolized by recurring card games , an etiquette that rules out the frank expression of emotion.

Half suicidal, he crashes his car, nearly killing himself and Octave. And it is Octave who fails to take Christine away in the final scenes. Then there is the chaste and aspiring Christine herself. Finally, there is Schumacher. He is surely the image of romantic emotion run wild, when he runs crazily around the chateau, firing his revolver at Marceau, regardless of anyone else who might be in the way. And it is Schumacher who, out of jealousy, fires the final, fatal shot. Romantics are a pain. Idealists are a pain. These outsiders, the romantics and idealists who do not play the game, cause trouble.

By contrast, there is much to be said for a smooth-running, almost mechanical, social order, even with the lies and pretenses and inhibitions necessary to keep it running smoothly. Yet those lies and pretenses, that stifling of honest emotion, is repulsive. Characters leave the world of the city or court to mix things up in the country, traditionally termed "the green world. There two characters bring the confusions of the green world right into the social world: Marceau, the poacher and lothario a kind of Pan or satyr , and Octave, thrashing around in his bear suit. Bringing the green world into the social world leads, here, to all kinds of trouble: Christine's disillusionment and Schumacher's revenge.

And when the characters go out to the greenhouse that shot of the frog! You could read this film as bringing outsiders Jurieu, Octave, Marceau into the castle of the insiders, and then expelling them at the end. Or you could read this film as simply the contrast between the mechanical and the vital or between the mannered insiders and the straightforward outsiders or between the green world and the social world.

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But it seems to me all three of these readings are too simple although you should keep them in mind. Renoir is too fine an artist for such simplifications. Consider Marceau. A poisonous influence throughout, he is eager to join the corrupt, rule-bound world of the chateau as a house servant.

He likes the idea of wearing livery! He wants to follow the same rules that the insincere aristocrats obey and the romantics have such trouble with. When he does, Marceau tries to hide as a servant, seizing a tray to pass around. And in the finale he encourages Schumacher to shoot, resulting in the final killing. Both Marceau and Octave represent yet another mythological figure, l'homme sauvage , homo silvaticus , or in Middle English, wodewose , the forest-man. Traditionally, he represents a connection between the world of civilization and the uncontrolled spirits of nature. Renoir explored the character in an earlier film, Boudu Saved from Drowning.

These two forest-men bring the disorder of the natural world into the civilized world of Robert's chateau.

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At the end, they must be exiled, ending the picture. These two, Octave and Marceau, symbolize the two unsatisfactory alternatives. One follows the rules, but cleverly manipulates them. The other never followed them at all. Both end in gloomy banishment. Whether you follow the rules or you don't, you are banished. You can't win. In short, you cannot escape the two unsatisfactory alternatives of romantic emotion or mechanical etiquette.

It seems to me that Renoir is driving at a deeper tragedy than the Romantic idea that the mechanical stifles the vital or that hypocritical insiders crush sincere outsiders. The deeper, more poignant tragedy is that neither works.

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We cannot survive in a social world ruled by emotion, but the alternative, a social world of stifling lies and mechanical rules and pretenses, repels us. You have to play by the rules—the realities of life in society. But that is awful. We long for the innocent and free expression of our emotions, but that way lies disaster. Essay transition statement line 1 about japan essay discipline and development essay about accommodation language english civil service essay writing books creative writing logo profession teacher essay per about pollution essay messi essay about homeopathy details.

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