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Mahatma Gandhi's Leadership Styles

Through his words Gandhi managed to align himself with the common man, gaining their trust and motivating the entire populous to act against Britain in non-violent protest by practicing self-reliance, and non-cooperation. These two things are what he based his leadership on, and by his teachings he convinced everyone to join him to the point where even those who truly believed that they had nothing to offer, and could truly do nothing in the face of the British empire joined in and followed his teachings.

This was largely because his teachings were simplistic enough that anyone could follow them, yet also impactful enough that those following felt that they were truly a part of something much bigger than themselves, the struggle for freedom. Gupta, A.

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A closer look at Gandhi as a person sheds more light onto his success as a leader. Entering into this issue Gandhi had already established a good measure of credibility with the people of India through his success in South Africa where he championed his non-violent methods proving them to be effective to all those who paid attention.


This attributed a good deal to the willingness of people to follow him, but this was not the only thing that drew people to Gandhi, nor was it what made him such a beloved figure to Muslims and Hindus alike. Coupled with his many speeches given to the public across all of India establishing himself as an easily accessible person Gandhi became a leader so great that the common man could connect to him simply by seeing him.

Connected to his way of living were the qualities he possessed, ten of which that stand out to be most important to his success as a leader. Faith in self, this quality afforded Gandhi with long term vision which coupled with his strong principles of righteousness made him one of the great transformational leaders of history. Resistance and persistence; while some might have believed this to be his stubbornness, it was in fact a key part of what allowed him to continue his non-violent actions despite the naysayers who claimed that violence was the only way to accomplish anything.

Forgiveness, the capacity to learn from mistakes, strength of character, love but never hate, truthfulness, live in the present, take the first step and do it anyway, and non-violence. Sharma, A.

Each of these qualities combined were what made Gandhi the ability to not only inspire and motivate those around him to do more than they would normally do, but also served to make him every bit as approachable as a neighbor, or even friend for all those who followed him. This news led Gandhi to continue in his role as a non-violent leader, traveling across India promoting peace, and trying to stop the fighting and rioting that was occurring, ultimately Gandhi was against a divided India and wanted to see Muslims and Hindus live together in peace, but alas he was shot and killed by a Hindu fanatic during one of his prayer meetings.

Biography: Gandhi Back in India. Finally looking at his leadership style, Professor M. It is based on the right mindset, skill set, and tool-set.

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