Master thesis marine biology

Evaluating satellite and supercomputing technologies for improved coastal ecosystem assessments , Matthew James Mccarthy.

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Resolving chronological and temperature constraints on Antarctic deglacial evolution through improved dating methodology , Cristina Subt. Subtropical benthos vary with reef type, depth, and grazing intensity , Kara R. Diversity and Distribution of Diatom Endosymbionts in Amphistegina spp.

Special Programmes

Assessments of surface-pelagic drift communities and behavior of early juvenile sea turtles in the northern Gulf of Mexico , Robert F. Virgin Islands , Mary Janine Vara.

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  5. Marine Biology;
  6. This involves learning advanced research methods and how to work with scientific literature. It results in a research based thesis which will provide you with experience in field and laboratory work, conducting written reports, and presenting and statistically analysing research results.

    Marine Biology

    The programme's duration is four semesters. There are three programme options within this master programme:. This programme option is built around research projects related to ecology and evolutionary problems with a focus on aquatic organisms or systems. Projects are led by internationally recognised researchers, and cover a broad range of subjects within this field.

    Researchers in marine biology and limnology at the University of Oslo are amongst the most productive and well- cited in the country, and students can look forward to joining an active and stimulating research environment. The Biology Department has modern research facilities at its disposal.

    MS in Marine Biology - Northeastern University College of Science

    There are two research vessels with up-to-date equipment for hydraulic investigations and testing in the fields of biology, chemistry and physics. At Blindern, there is a salt-water and freshwater aquarium, a cultivation room for algae and for completing experiments with aquatic organisms, as well as a state-of-the-art molecular-genetic laboratory for taxonomic and population genetic studies.

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    There is easy access to various types of lakes and rivers containing a multitude of organisms. Researchers at the Section for Marine Biology and Limnology work closely with a range of national and international research groups.

    Admission Criteria

    The programme option places particular emphasis on a thorough understanding of habitat ocean, lake, river. There will be emphasis on developing a critical understanding of scientific articles.

    Master - Freshwater and Marine Biology - University of Amsterdam

    You will also gain experience in giving spoken and written presentations of scientific topics and research results. Characterization of a gene family associated with calcified structures in the blue crab, Cal Comparison of four clones of the ichthyotoxic flagellate Prymnesium.

    Campus Tour

    Comparison of nekton utilization of smooth cordgrass Spartina alterniflora marsh based on Comparison of Perkinsus marinus infection and oyster condition in southeastern North Carolin Defensive synergy : the antipredatory role of glass spicules in Caribbean demosponges. Detection, diversity, and activity on anaerobic ammonium oxidizing bacteria Anammox in the Development of microsatellites for the bay scallop, Argopecten irradians Lamarck , with app Differential expression of eight transcripts and their roles in the cuticle of the blue crab