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Just think about that elephants drink less than they eat! The last cool fact is about a herd. Did you know a herd is a group of elephants? And the leader is a matriarch, which means a female elephant. I just told you some very cool facts about elephants. And they use ivory to make money. Poachers kill elephants just for their ivory tusks and then they sell it to other people to make jewels.

One time, Mr. At first I thought the two poachers cut its face off but now I know that the men were helping the elephants. But the poachers cut off the face. I think people who live in Asia and Africa look out for elephants and if they do they can move all the elephants to a safe place. For example, they can move them to there homes backyard. To keep the elephants alive, we need to feed them ,bathe them and give them water. Here are things people in the United States can do. In conclusion, people should have to learn from this essay because people are killing elephants.

They are dying just because people you know want to get ivory jewelry. I hope you love my five paragraph essay and that you learned a lot. Ivory Poaching My name is Darien. I am a third grader. My favorite book is Ricky Ricotta. I am in Excellence Charter School. My teachers name is Mr. Another book that I like is The Slime Wars. I have fourteen friends.

My social issue is ivory poaching. A social issue is an issue that affects me and my society.

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Ivory poaching affects me because it makes me feel sad that so many elephants are dying. In this essay, you will learn about why you should not poach ivory and make elephants endangered. I am also going to tell you some details about elephants. I am going to tell you about what elephants do and eat. Elephants eat bark from trees. They strip bark from trees using their tusks. When water is hard to find, elephants use their tusks to dig up the water.

Elephants use their trunks to drink the water. Their trunk is really their upper lip and their nose. Grasses, fruits, leaves, water, plants and seeds are the main foods that elephants eat. I just told you what elephants do and eat. I am going to tell you about why it is bad to kill elephants just for their tusks.

What I think ivory poaching is is when people cut their faces just for their tusks. The big problem issue about poaching is that people cut elephants heads off just to get their tusks. People should eat the skin and meat to.

Elephants for Kids: Learn about the biggest land animal.

People are killing thousands of elephants with big machine guns. Elephants are being endangered by people by people taking their ivory. Now you know not to kill elephants just for their tusks.

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I think that the person who reads my essay should get some of his friends and some police bring a lot of guns, food and weapons and go to where elephants live and help them. If poachers bring machine guns, I would try to fight them.

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You could also donate money to the poachers so they could stop killing elephants. They want money so I should give them some money and then I can make a deal with them so they could stop killing elephants.

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In conclusion, people should not kill elephants just for their tusks. I hope you love my essay and that you learned a lot. Circus Work!? Hey, my name is Stephan. I am 9 years old and in my elephant essay. You are going to learn about things you never knew happened to elephants. In my essay you will be heart broken. This essay will have drama parts in it. Reading my essay will make you learn about circus work and how it affects people in society. Trust me. I care about elephants because they are just like us and we will give them love, treats, care, and respect. But the thing that ticks me off is that people are still poaching elephants in Africa.

10 Reasons Elephants Should Be Your Favorite Animal, Too

They also use guns to poach the elephants. The poachers are trying to get their tusks so they can make jewelry out of their tusks. You can think about that for the remainder time we have left for the elephants. Okay, enough about that, another reason why I love elephants is because they are elephants and they need respect. They respect each other by wrapping their trunks together. Maybe elephants are misunderstood. I mean like if people are still poaching them, burning down habitats, and leaving elephants for dead, they must be misunderstood.

There are so many things to learn about elephants! So much!

My favorite animal elephant essay

Coming up next is something horrible that will happen to elephants. This is part of my essay that makes you sad. I am going to talk to you about circus work. My issue with circus work is that the people that are playing the circus really beat animals.

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There have been records about elephants beat in the circus. The number one problem is why elephants are working too hard. One of my connections to this subject is I went to a circus when I was six years old. At the end of the show the whole crowd walked out the circus and saw a dead elephant. I think elephants should be free living in the wild. My solution for elephants not getting hurt is not working the circus. Two is to not kill elephants, especially not just for taking their tusks away. Taking the life of an elephant just to get their tusks so a person can carve a necklace out of it is wrong.

Now, stop right there. That does not make any sense. Which is more important? A necklace or an elephant? You decide. My point that I am trying to tell you is that in my opinion, everyone should not hate elephants.