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Most of us spend our days thinking we are playing baseball, but we are really playing soccer. We think we individually choose what career path to take, whom to socialize with, what views to hold. But, in fact, those decisions are shaped by the networks of people around us more than we dare recognize. This influence happens through at least three avenues. First there is contagion.

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People absorb memes, ideas and behaviors from each other the way they catch a cold. If your neighbors play fair, you are likely to play fair.

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We all live within distinct moral ecologies. The overall environment influences what we think of as normal behavior without being much aware of it. Then there is the structure of your network. There is by now a vast body of research on how differently people behave depending on the structure of the social networks.

People with vast numbers of acquaintances have more job opportunities than people with fewer but deeper friendships. Most organizations have structural holes, gaps between two departments or disciplines.

Soccer Vs. Baseball

If you happen to be in an undeveloped structural hole where you can link two departments, your career is likely to take off. Innovation is hugely shaped by the structure of an industry at any moment. Individuals in Silicon Valley are creative now because of the fluid structure of failure and recovery.

Broadway was incredibly creative in the s and s because it was a fluid industry in which casual acquaintances ended up collaborating. Since then, studies show, theater social networks have rigidified, and, even if you collaborate with an ideal partner, you are not as likely to be as creative as you would have been when the global environment was more fertile.

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Finally, there is the power of the extended mind. There is also a developed body of research on how much our very consciousness is shaped by the people around us. Let me simplify it with a classic observation: Each close friend you have brings out a version of yourself that you could not bring out on your own.

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  7. Now it is a highly monetized industry with soccer players turning into full-blown celebrities. However, soccer is not yet widespread in every corner of the world.

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