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Fishack, Robert A. Forlenza, Susan D. Fredd, Gigi Gandy, William P. Goldsmith, Thomas L. Grier, and Sheila K.

Social Work Dissertation Topics: How to Find the Perfect One?

A description and evaluation of the self-help information service , Cathy Tuma and John Wadsworth. Wildebush Berry, Stefani K. Cuda, Judi L. Edwards, Mary E. Multiple impact therapy : evaluation and design for future study , Jacqueline H.

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Abikoff, Dennis C. Anderson, Patricia C.

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Freeland, Jan A. Hatzenbeler, Susan C. Stoudt, and Anita Waage. Barton, Florence C. Berman, Sharon M.

Bertoli-Nordlof, Marilyn L. Cooper, Claire K. Murray, Rosanne Peratrovich, Arlene M.

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  6. Showell, and Julio C. Evaluative styles of clinicians in private practice , Daniel R. Brophy, Elliot M.

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      15 Topics You Can Look Into In Your Thesis On Social Work

      Winter, and Michael Taylor Wood. A survey of mental health clients admitted to general hospital emergency rooms , Marsha J. Beard and L. Gail Bulkley. Second, you need to complete a great deal of general and specialist reading. Often you will be given less guidance with this than with other areas so it is important to trace the subject through the research.

      Start with a more general text and see what books are referenced. Follow up the references and see which works appear more frequently. You can also use search engines and resources such as Jstor, Questia and Google Books but remember these are not complete reference bodies and you should never rely on them exclusively. Third, conduct your research. Every Thesis must comprise a certain amount of original research rather than simply a synthesis of the literature surrounding the subject. You use your own research to challenge accepted ideas or establish new evidence to support theories.

      This is the most important part of the Thesis and you should construct your research timetable very effectively.

      Social Work Dissertation Topics: How to Find the Perfect One?

      Research is very time consuming and you should make allowances for problems to arise that you have not foreseen when proposing your Thesis. Generally this will consist of qualitative or quantitative research techniques or in some cases a combination of the two. Both these research techniques are very demanding on the time you have available so do not consider one or the other to be an easy way out. Remember if you are interviewing you also need time to transcribe the interview and analyze the text. If you are using quantitative techniques you need time to input the data and use statistical representations of your results.

      If you are not already adept in using computer programs for this purpose, this will take much longer than you might predict. Remember to plan effectively and work consistently to a schedule.

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      Fourth, writing-up the Thesis is a slow and laborious process, and you can often go through several different drafts before the finished product. In general the longer the piece of work, the more writing is usually completed and the more is thrown away. You should expect to go over the word limit and then whittle the finished product down. This will allow you to cut out the dead wood and make every paragraph in the Thesis is relevant to the question you are aiming to answer. Finally, make sure you use the correct referencing style and make sure your bibliography is accurate.