Thesis statement on criminology

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40 Drugs and Drug Abuse Research Paper Topics: When Medicine Meets Criminology

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Findings demonstrate striking differences in the spatial patterns of crime rates constructed using these two different measures of the population at risk. Multivariate results from spatial error models also highlight the substantial impact that the use of a theoretically-informed crime rate denominator can have on Pseudo R2 values, variable retention, and trends in significant relationships.

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Implications for theory testing and policy are discussed. A literature review demonstrates that videogame research has theoretical and empirical relevance to criminology. This thesis explores the construction of meaning around representations of social harm in videogames by answering two research questions: 1 How is social harm represented in videogames? Study 1 is a qualitative content analysis of representations of social harm in the popular videogame Skyrim.

Themes included crime and punishment, money and power, extrajudicial crime control, legitimacy of violence, and criminalization of race. These findings are contextualized against analogous real-world cultural constructs. Study 2 consists of 18 interviews with players about their experiences interpreting and responding to social harm representations in videogames.

Preliminary metrics for measuring these factors are proposed, and implications for future research are discussed. Federal prison chaplaincy experienced a major shift in when the provision of these services was outsourced to a single for-profit company. The present study examines how privatization has impacted minority faith chaplains serving in federal institutions in Canada. The study also explores the theoretical concept of performativity and its impact on prison chaplaincy as a caring profession. Based on 10 in-depth semi-structured interviews with minority chaplains the results show that privatization led to: 1 increased levels of bureaucratization that have compromised the quality of spiritual care available to prisoners, 2 reduced resources for chaplains and 3 increased emotional exhaustion and frustration among chaplains.

Community safety partnerships are becoming an important part of policing and crime prevention in Canada. These types of partnerships have long existed. However, with recent pressures on police services to respond to more complex social issues, alongside scrutiny of policing budgets, increasing attention is being paid to partnership creation.

Much has been written about community safety partnerships. This literature, however, largely ignores the transactional phase of partnership-making.

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This phase is important for understanding how community safety partnerships emerge, develop and sustain themselves. Furthermore, little is written on the Canadian context, despite significant differences in Canadian police organizations and communities compared to the United Kingdom and the United States. The current study seeks to examine the community safety partnership making process through an event perspective.

Findings from this study have implications for theories of partnerships, as well as practical implications for partnership making and the organizational structure of policing in Canada. Research on serial sex offending has predominantly focused on the modus operandi, victim selection and criminal career of offenders. Studies on psychosocial characteristics of SSOs remains limited and research assessing comparative differences between serial sex offenders SSOs and non-serial sex offenders NSSOs is nearly non-existent.

Specifically, their sexual development, adult sexual lifestyle, and psychopathologies. A profile of SSOs is proposed and implications for investigative purposes and future research are discussed. This thesis explored strengths and weaknesses surrounding the Canadian criminal justice system CJS and vulnerable witnesses. Literature and case studies typically focus on the negative relationship between the courts and witnesses. Interviews were conducted with vulnerable witness and stakeholders in the CJS and students were surveyed. Professionals who worked with vulnerable witnesses emphasized their dissatisfaction with the justice process.

Fifteen interviews with criminal justice personnel who worked with vulnerable witnesses, and a vulnerable witness, together with a survey of nineteen undergraduate students were conducted. Consistent with previous research, the current study found that more assistance throughout the process is needed.

Oromos are an Indigenous people living in the horn of Africa and in diaspora. Their long history of struggle against internal colonization creates a challenging context in which to strive for well-being. For the last years, Canada has been a common destination and safe haven for many persecuted Oromos. The current project sought to explore Oromo conceptions of well-being through a qualitative study involving participant-observations and 14 interviews in three Canadian cities. The findings suggest that our current understandings of determinants of immigrant health in Canada are too narrowly focused on post-migration conditions.

These findings contribute to a growing body of literature that prioritize understandings of collective over individual well-being, as well as the important exploration of social determinants of immigrant health. Differences in offending patterns between male and female youth are well established in the literature. In comparison to female youth, males are more involved in serious and violent offending and are also more likely to engage in offending that persists across the life course. Offending trajectory comparisons between males and females suggest that the trajectories of the highest rate female offenders are different from the highest rate trajectories of male offenders and that comparing trajectory association across gender can mask important within-group differences among female offenders.

Indeed, little research has moved past analyzing female juvenile offenders as a homogenous group Odgers et al. Consequently, there is limited understanding of the impact that risk and protective factors have on offending persistence or desistance specifically for female offenders. Using data from the Incarcerated Serious and Violent Young Offender Study, the current study examined the impact of key theoretical constructs on the offending trajectories of female adolescent offenders during emerging adulthood.

Analyses using Traj for STATA revealed more heterogeneity in female offending trajectories than earlier indications in the literature.

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